Not Only Chopin: Alexander Gadjiev


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Main Hall

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Not Only Chopin: Alexander Gadjiev

Not Only Chopin is a series of concerts of the finalists of the 18th International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition. The most famous competitions have their own rules, but the concert stage allows for more – and we will hear more at Cavatina Hall. An original look at Chopin’s work by the young pianists promises an experience of the classics in the best of tastes. Does Chopin sound more exotic when played by an artist from Spain, or does a perfect knowledge of is works lead to virtuosity? Alexander Gadjiev, Hyuk Lee and Martin Garcia Garcia will surely know the answer.



Alexander Gadjiev


Fundacja Fiducia (Cavatina Hall)


Fryderyk Chopin – Preludium cis-moll op. 45
Fryderyk Chopin – II Sonata b-moll op. 35
Ludwig van Beethoven – VII Symfonia A-dur op. 92 (w opracowaniu Franciszka Liszta na fortepian solo)

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