Voo Voo


Main Hall

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Main Hall

Duration: 1,5h

It is hard to find a band similar to Voo Voo, which for years has been synonymous with musical artistry, and at the same time is still searching and does not allow itself to be written off as rigidly divided into genres. Wojciech Waglewski’s group is best known for its unique live performance

Voo Voo’s latest album, entitled “Premiera” (Agora release), is partly the result of an excellent live streak, as well as a desire to present the band’s current form to the audience. Most of the songs were recorded “on the hundred” during live improvisations in the studio. During the concert, the band will present songs from their latest album, as well as those best known and appreciated by fans.

This is what Wojciech Waglewski himself says about the making of the album: “During these recordings we had a fantastic cooperation with two women: Masha Natanson, whose talent really deserves to be spread, and if we have succeeded even a little, it is already a success. The meeting with Hania Rani was exceptional and surprisingly even coherent, because it turned out that my harmonic anarchy and the unpredictability of the band’s inventiveness are close to hers. The band’s sessions in the studio were very intense. The recordings were kept short so as not to lose any of the energy we hope to transfer to the stage. This is a Voo Voo record, it sounds like a Voo Voo record, it looks like a Voo Voo record and it tastes like a Voo Voo record. Enjoy it… Wagiel”

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