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Emotive Musical Experience to All.

Cavatina Hall

Music is emotions. You can dance to it, laugh with it, some people are able to focus thanks to it, while others are deeply moved by it. Certainly, music is a good way to talk, so we open our doors to sounds from all over the world. Memories of an exceptional meeting with acclaimed artists are just some of the gifts from the Cavatina Group, who created the first private concert hall in Poland.

Cavatina Hall’s mission is to give the public an experience of the highest quality sound and visual feast. Together with you, we want to create unforgettable memories in a modern and comfortable space. Music is for you. Feel it in our concert hall.

The building and the concert hall

There is one such place in Poland. A city located at the boundary of cultures, at the foot of the picturesque Beskidy mountains, where the views are as beautiful as the most beautiful sounds of music. Bielsko-Biała is also a centre for the development of services for business and high tech: from the IT industry to the aviation industry. This is where Cavatina Hall was founded.

The concert hall and recording studio will combine commercial functions with the promotion of art in a unique and modern office building. It is the first building of this type in this part of Europe. No matter where you sit. The Cavatina Hall concert hall has been designed in such a way that all kinds of music sound perfectly throughout its interior. Its acoustics bring out the full colour of sound during symphonic concerts, chamber concerts of classical music and hit tours of pop stars. Behind the exceptional sound quality is the state-of-the-art L-ISA (L-Acoustics) sound system, which increases the pleasure of meeting every note. The conditions of the concert hall enable listeners to have personal and direct contact with the artist.


The operator of Cavatina Hall venue is the Fiducia Foundation.

The Fiducia Foundation was established on the initiative and thanks to the support of the Cavatina Group. The statutory goals of the organization established at the end of 2019 are the implementation of tasks in the field of charity, equalizing opportunities for excluded people, providing access to culture and the arts, education, activation of young and elderly people and many other socially valuable initiatives.

At Cavatina Hall, we operate holistically, offering the audience contact with music from all over the world in a comfortable space. We also open our interiors to young talents and interesting ideas. We are passionate about music and good company, that is why we create this place for you.


E-mail: kontakt@cavatinahall.pl

Mutual satisfaction, customization of the offer and openness to ideas and expectations are the keys to a successful partnership. We are committed to long-term cooperation during which both parties achieve their goals. We will prepare an individual partnership proposal tailored to the specific wishes and needs of your company after a meeting and conversation with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Venue hire

E-mail: kontakt@cavatinahall.pl

Do you want to spectacularly introduce a new product to the market, conduct a presentation in a modern interior? Or maybe you are looking for a place to give awards or produce a video? A large conference, festival or event are just some of the ways you can use our venue. The halls and foyers can be arranged in many ways, depending on your needs. You decide whether to rent all or part of the space. Take advantage of our offer, equipment and experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us.